Meet the Sham Fam


Dean Harrington

Chief Executive Officer

Dean is the founder and current CEO of Shamrock Financial. His role is to exemplify the company’s five core values and to set vision and strategy for the staff to inspire and engage.


Rod Correia


Rod is the President of Shamrock Financial. He is responsible for integrating the company’s Proven Process and making sure that client experience is the top priority to our staff.


Trish Harrington

Chief Financial Officer

Trish is the CFO of Shamrock Financial. She uses her extensive audit and accounting experience to profitably guide the company.


Ashley Cookson

Vice President of Operations

Ashley is a Shamrocker through and through. Her guidance and leadership provides our daily staff the confidence to do their jobs with excellence.


Shalimar Albanese

Director of Marketing and Client Delight

Shalimar’s strength is keeping our clients delighted. She heads up the marketing team and keeps employee morale high with lots of fun events!


Doug Botelho

Quality Assurance Manager

Doug is the man with a plan. He brings a wealth of process, evaluation and execution skills to work every day with him at Shamrock Financial.

Karen Ballou

Senior Loan Officer
Mobile: (401) 641-5600

NMLS # 19068

Bill Bento

Loan Officer
Mobile: (401) 533-2009

NMLS #1222510

Andrew Borges

Senior Loan Officer
Mobile: (401) 345-6250

NMLS # 24791

David Bremer

Branch Manager
Mobile: (978) 302-0475

NMLS # 22633

Pam Britt

Senior Loan Officer
Mobile: (401) 413-4589

NMLS # 13486

Suzanne Caldeira

Vice President
Office: (401) 228-9565

NMLS # 20138

Juan Cerda

Branch Manager
Mobile: (401) 569-1201

NMLS # 318276

Ellen Connors

Senior Loan Officer
Mobile: (617) 750-5266

NMLS # 556465

Eric Easterday

Senior Loan Officer
Mobile: (508) 277-3210

NMLS # 49133

Savannah Fabbio

Loan Officer
Mobile: (508) 317-8183

NMLS # 751672

Taylor Harrington

Loan Officer
Mobile: (401) 486-5562

NMLS # 1009561

Deb Jordan

Senior Loan Officer
Mobile: (413) 949-0122

NMLS # 522540

John Lake

Executive Vice President
Mobile: (401) 952-4048

NMLS # 12938

Lisa Larkin

Senior Loan Officer
Mobile: (781) 956-7323

NMLS # 116396

Liz Letourneau

Senior Vice President
Office: (401) 228-9577

NMLS # 19412

Dan Levesque

Senior Loan Officer
Mobile: (508) 208-9191

NMLS # 23004

Jason Martin

Loan Officer
Mobile: (603) 858-0496

NMLS # 1475443

David Napolitano

Senior Loan Officer
Mobile: (401) 339-0496

NMLS # 5028

Harry Oxx

Loan Officer
Mobile: (401) 749-1070

NMLS # 1091088

Nick Principe

Loan Officer
Mobile: (401) 862-5110

NMLS # 1537716

Mozart Saint-Cyr

Loan Officer
Mobile: (508) 648-7816

NMLS # 1413166

Ron Volpe

Senior Loan Officer
Mobile: (401) 954-6050

NMLS # 18704

Jeffrey Weiner

Senior Loan Officer
Mobile: (774) 244-6096

NMLS # 29101

Bruce Weltin

Associate Vice President
Mobile: (401) 487-8759

NMLS # 22275

Brian Whitten

Branch Manager
Mobile: (508) 208-5675

NMLS # 383068

Deana Amaral

Loan Processor

Brett Ballou

Loan Processor

Donna Boots

Accounting Assistant

Daphne Boudreau

Marketing Intern

Don Calitri

Secondary Manager

Greg Cambio

Vice President of Underwriting

Michelle Carrasco

Executive Assistant

Scott Cordeiro


Denise DeConte

Loan Processor

Jaclyn Ferri

Executive Assistant

Ruth Fournier

Business Development Rep.

Kristen Fratus


Brant Hall

Disclosure Desk Associate

Kirby Harrington

Loan Processor

Morgan Harrington

Loan Processor

Sharon Harrington

Disclosure Desk Associate

Natalie Holden

Marketing Coordinator

Elizabeth Jensen

Accounting Assistant

Mary Jessup


Kyla Jordan

Loan Processing Assistant

Kelsey Lewin

Client Coordinator

Meghan Macadams

Client Coordinator

John Maurice


Alissa Nadeau

Accounting Manager

Kaitlyn O’Connor

Loan Partner

Nelson Oliveira

Transaction Coordinator

Sue Ottone

Closing Manager

Kayla Pelletier

Multimedia Design Specialist

Kristen Perez


Stephanie Poole

Administrative Assistant

Erin Roche

Accounting Assistant

Lori Seastrunk


Kristen Shapazian

Processing Manager

Annie Sheil

Marketing Intern

Robert Solitro

Post Closer

Keri Sullivan


Max Thounsavath

Business Development Rep.

Kerri Tracy

Executive Assistant

Brianna Villanueva


Kelli Vota

Disclosure Desk Associate

Scott Woodbury

Staff Attorney
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