The Northeast- Where Your Future Awaits

The Northeast- Where Your Future Awaits

Autumn road in the White Mountains National Forest region of New Hampshire

Moving to the Northeast? Consider This…

Sometimes, you gotta move – and that can mean to a new city! Whether it is for work, love, or a searing need for change, finding the right area can be a tough decision. Do you want the sunny days of the west, the dramatic deserts of the southwest, or the vastness of the great plains? Or – what about the northeast?

Sure, it has snow, but don’t let that deter you! Moving to the northeast has tremendous benefits – and you could even grow to love the powdery stuff too. Here are just a few of the amazing reasons why moving to the northeast should be first on your radar.

Bright lights, big city

What can you find in the northeast? Multi-cultural cities that cater to every taste, enjoyment, and opportunity! World-class shopping, every cuisine under the sun, plays, theater, fringe festivals, history and art – it’s all there within an easily accessible area. New York, Boston, D.C., Philly – where do you want to go? Big, small, or somewhere in between, Shamrock Financial can help you finance the right space at the right price no matter your needs or wants.

Where do you want to go?

The northeast has many things, and one of those is a fantastic infrastructure. Easily accessible interstates? Check. Frequent inter- and intra-city buses and trains? Check. Mobile communications? Check yet again. As a resident of the northeast, this means you don’t have to live in the city if you don’t want to. Getting around is quite simple, even without a car. Best of all, with a well-developed communications network, the possibility of remote work is not remote at all – it could be at your fingertips. And with the help of Shamrock Financial, finding the right home is easy peasy, even if you are still living elsewhere.

It has plenty of pristine, rural land.

Yes, some of the cities of the northeast are heavily populated, and with good reason. But the northeast also boasts plenty of open green spaces and lakes, rural farmland, the splendid Adirondacks, and friendly small town communities. In fact, plenty of employees of Shamrock Financial live in these types of communities and enjoy the activities that abound.

In terms of affordability, programs and incentives exist at the national, state, and local government levels. These were created as a means of encouraging buyers to enjoy a slice of the northeast life at an affordable price. Come in and talk with us at Shamrock Financial to learn about the programs available in your desired locations. You might be amazed at what you find out!

Employment and the economy are relatively stable and strong.

Of course, moving to a new location doesn’t come free. Most likely, you will need some sort of income and employment. You’re in luck! The states of the northeast, including Connecticut, Vermont, and Massachusetts, generally have lower rates of unemployment than in other states. And better yet, incomes tend to be higher. Finally, if you choose a more rural community, houses prices can be very affordable. Getting settled couldn’t be easier.


Friendly housing advice coming your way

If a move to the northeast is possibly on your radar, give Shamrock Financial a call. First, we can help you get pre-approved for your northeast dream home. Second, we can also tell you about the exciting events, communities, natural wonders, moving companies, or anything else you need to know about this magical region. Not only do we want to help you settle in a local community, remember that we are part of it too. Take a chance – you won’t regret it. 

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